Help us build our virtual Zoo!

Let your imagination run WILD

Create animals, cages, buildings, etc . . .
help construct our virtual zoo.

  1. Design and build an animal, building, cage, restaurant, etc out of legos or any other building supplies you have at home.
  2. When you are done, take a picture of your creation and email the picture to
  3. Include your first name, a name or title for your creation, and a sentence or two about your design.
  4. We will post it to our virtual zoo!
  5. Come to the Virtual Zoo and see your design as well as enjoy the creations of others.


Please help us fill the zoo!

I recently got a new robotics kit and wanted to build an animal for the virtual zoo. I decided to build a dancing kangaroo.  I hope everyone is healthy and happy, and we see each other soon – Blake
with its frozen saber toothed tiger meal beside it. – Gio
The Forest Zoo
Our zoo has 2 exhibits based on forest theme. A grizzly bear and 2 wolves separated by a river.  The visitors use the food box to feed the animals. – Rachael and Dan
Sam the Scorpian
This very cute scorpian will be there with you until he gets changed into one of his other forms. Sam the Scorpian loves all children and even adults, and will make people’s day with his cute feet and tail forever! – Nicolas

Mr. Elephant 
Mr. Elephant loves his green baseplate. He says that it feels nicer than other colors. – Landon
A Croc for the Zoo
Sam and Sally
Turtle and his Habitat – Sam
Penguin Enclosure – Elena and Milan
Penguin – Elena and Milan
This is a sausage snake. It servers sausages then lifts you up and swings you around like a twister! He is very VERY nice. They live (usually) in the jungle and feed on the joy shown by the people he makes happy! – Ben
by Aryan
This is called Going to the Zoo. It has an abstract look with the word zoo over the door. The emperor’s guard is feeding the taumtaum a cookie. – John
Elena, Age 8